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What is a planter? What is the difference between planters and flower pots?

Hello, our dear readers! Many of you have wondered what a planter is and what is the difference between it and a regular flower pot? And is there any difference at all? So this will be our topic today.

A planter is a "hidden pot" if you take the literal translation from French, because that's where this word comes from. We know that this is a decorative vase, it can be made of different materials, such as plastic, metal, but most of them are made of gypsum, concrete or ceramics. It can also be of different sizes, then a flower pot is put in it.

To put it simply, a planter is an interior item, a decoration for your home and your flowers.

Well, now we know everything about planters, and now we'll figure out what is the difference between them and classic flower pots:

  • Almost every flower pot has a hole at the bottom so that excess water flows down, but few people make pots with such holes, you need to look well for such;

  • The planters are made of many materials, since the flowerpot is almost always made of plastic or clay;

  • The flowerpot has a usual, boring design, always the same shape, but the planter has a stylish and original appearance, can have any shape, color.

  • Planters are primarily a decoration. The flowerpot is used as a container for planting plants;

As can be seen from the above points, there are enough differences between them, but still they have one thing in common - they are designed for your colors and it is better to use them together.

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